Instructions for AAA Access to the Website

To safeguard confidential client contact information and to improve communication, we have created a secure website for the ACL National Survey. State and Area Agencies on Aging will be able to submit electronic files containing confidential client data to Westat via the ACL National Survey web site. Included in the notification packet sent to each AAA is a separate card with the unique AAA-ID # and secure password assigned to your agency that will enable your staff to electronically upload data to the web site.

The web site uses the industry-standard TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.1/2 encryption for secure File Transport Protocol (FTP) data submissions. When files containing client data are uploaded to the website, they are automatically stored in a secure database. The database containing the client data is not accessible via the Internet; it resides on a server inside the Westat firewall. Only Westat Data Collection Program staff members have access to the master survey database.

Please click below to download detailed instructions for uploading client lists and client contact information.

Instructions for AAA Access to the Website (PDF)